— John 15:12

About Reflection of grace:


          "Reflection of grace", started in 2015, is a Non-Profit Project to reflect the love of Jesus to others through Field Worker care and Pastoral development. There are so many out there who are in need, and as followers of Jesus we should use the talents and means God has blessed us with to help. "Reflection of grace" is also the blog/Vlog of my personal journey and this website to generate conversations about grace and financial support. 

          To reflect the grace given to us by jesus & empower others to do the same is the purpose of "reflection of Grace". This journey is amazing, difficult & totally worth it! relationships by love, relationships with action, relationships rooted in the grace of Jesus!


Reflection of Grace Objectives:



Those serving God full time often feel discouraged and isolated by their unfamiliar environments, the need to appear "perfect" in front of others because of their title, and the heavy SPIRITUAL warfare they experience in the places they are.    

 1Thessalonians 5:11 -"So Encourage each other and build each other up"


Support is a vital relational need and key way to show love to those serving God and others. to work alongside Field Workers and pastors in what they are doing and be intimately invested in their calling and lives matters. to be there in person is huge when you pray together, cry together, and laugh together.

Galatians 6:2 - "Share each other's burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ."


To bring provisions of physical help through service and gifts is a NECESSARY and tangible way to show our love. especially to those serving God who have given up many environmental and financial comforts to show love to others in dark places.

2 Corinthians 8:7 - "Since you excel in so many ways...I want you to excel also in the gracious act of giving."




Core Values:


As Believers we are here on earth for two purposes only. We are here for each other, and we are here for the lost. Reflection of Grace serves both values first and foremost.




Reflection of Grace Locations:



The Ream Team works in Haiti and has for the last 7 years. They wear many hats discipling pastors, pastoring a church, and running a women's micro loan ministry (KOFAEL). They hold a very special place in my heart and need caring for as they work in the most financially poor country in the western hemisphere. The Language is Creole.


The Walker family serves in Montreal, the city with the lowest % of believers in North America. They serve to reach others through Childrens ministry and family outreach and discipleship. The Language is French.


There are two groups in this large, highly populated country. One far south, where a family who pastors a local church is in constant need of encouragement due to the persecution there. Training is needed there for the youth and homeless children outreaches. To the North, a wonderful family is newly embedded and dealing with the every day struggles of learning to love others in new and unique ways, while adapting to a life far away from what they've known. The Language is Tamil, Hindi, and many others.

East Africa:

East Africa holds a beloved pastor, good friends and amazing young people. They are building a local church and partnering with us to provide the necessary funds for the youth in the church to complete their educational degrees. The local pastor is also going through seminary training and through our provided materials with the hope of coming to the Holy land with World of the Bible next year. There is also a local youth rugby club we plan to host a rugby camp with, in partnership with a professional rugby player and coach from the US. These efforts and outreaches are all tied to the church and pastors there. The Language is English and several other local dialects. 


The Belvins are a wonderful family in the challenging area of the Balkans. They serve through business consulting, small groups, and family. There are few believers there and discouraging opposition. They are shining their light surrounded by darkness with help and fellowship seemingly far away. Them being where they are and how they follow the Lord is important and its important to love and support families like them. The Language is Macedonian.


One of the friendliest countries toward America, and also one of the most economically depressed. Tani lives here and serves in the local church. He has many day to day struggles from living in a post communist country that is finding its way, but he is a loving man with a heart for the Lord and a love for others. Tani matters. The language is Albanian.

A Note from the Director:

Head Shot.png

Hey Ya'll,

     Heres a little bio about me personally which begins in Texas, just like all my trips.

         I was born in Texas September 20, 1985. My parents named me Jonathan Edward Price, after my grandfather Edward who was a preacher and Jonathan Edwards the 18th century revival preacher who wrote "The Nature of True Virtue". I am a child of God, and beloved son of two amazing parents, Randall and Beverlee Price. I am a proud brother to four wonderful sisters, their husbands and an Uncle to wonderful nephews and nieces. God has blessed me with amazingly supportive friends, family, and community. I have served with my father on archeological digs and expeditions for the past 15 years. I have been a collegiate student athlete, worked full time reaching underprivileged youth as a field worker for 6 years of my life and worked as an engineer in the oil field for two. I have worked in business for a hedge fund company, and as a financial broker, along with other various jobs along the way. The rest of my time if not playing or coaching rugby is devoted to my position as Director of Special Projects for World of The Bible Ministries and the Reflection of Grace project. I am a man loved by God and rescued from my imperfection and mistakes by the loving sacrifice of Jesus death and the power of his resurrection.

          During my time as a field worker and my travels around the globe, I established relationships with other field workers, and saw hurt, lonely and lost people in desperate places. This burned on my heart to go to these people and help. I learned that supporting long term field workers where they are through field worker care efforts is the most effective way I can help, and a greatly overlooked necessity of field work. I realized that my American practices and philosophies are not what is needed to change the world. My friends around the globe are the world changers, and they do not need anyone telling them how to do it the western way. What they need is what we have to give by grace, which is: opportunity, finances, and most importantly, true friendship. 

          I am devoted to the calling on my heart to reflect the grace of Jesus, and support the brave and loving pastors and field workers on the front lines. There is no saying no to God and who He created me to be. The goal of "Reflection of Grace", the goal of my life: Love people, share Truth.


In His Grace & Love, 

Jonathan Edward Price