Macedonia is 98% Orthodox, but very very few believers. In the lake town of Ohrid there is a dear family who are a joy to be around. The place is beautiful but a battleground spiritually. I plan to bring some big hugs, practical gifts and lots of love.


Haiti is awesome! The poorest country in the western hemisphere financially but rich in so many ways. I am going to see my family and friends there and support them in their work with Heart of God International ministries, and Kofeal* the women's micro loan organization they run.


Quebec has the lowest percentage of believers in North America and also has some dear missionary friends who devote themselves to teaching children good news and showing them love.


I will be in the south of India with some dear brothers there that I had the pleasure of befriending my last time there working with the church outside of Chennai. I plan to be there and encourage my friends and the pastors there who go through heavy persecution. I also plan to train them in effective child teaching methods that incorporate the good news. The church there feeds and helps the surprisingly high number of orphan street kids that are homeless in Chennai.


Uganda is where I will spend the majority of my time. I plan to bring the church youth and rugby youth practical gifts that will help them stay involved in good things such as: rugby with godly coaches, church with loving leadership, and school where they can receive degrees that keep them from destitution. I also plan to see a pastor in Tanzania I previously was with and a friend in Kenya who I helped with his business model and led him to be born again. Africa is extreme in many ways, and its totally worth it to encourage God's people there.