This is my first blog entry, and if my high school English teacher or scholarly father happen to read this, please overlook my writing limitations, and run on sentences.

So far this Journey has been incredible and I haven't even left yet. Today I told a friend that I feel the mission has already been started. I have been blessed to be apart of green house missionary training, grow groups, community groups, sports in the park, church youth group and countless meetings with men seeking to know Jesus more and speak words of life, love and truth into my life. If you don't know what some of those groups are above they all are opportunities for discipleship and evangelism and all about Jesus.

I have had extra expenses. Shots, printing, website, needed travel gear... I am throwing everything I have into obeying God and going on this mission. Please pray for funds, pray someone takes my apartment since the guy wanting it could not rent it at the last minute. Pray God is made known through these circumstantial problems. I have no fear, I have peace, I know God can and will provide for every one of these things. I desire your prayers and thank you in advance.

I have some news, I will be postponing my trip by a few days. The reason is because a man who has become my dear friend and now a brother in Christ has asked me to help baptize him April the 12th!!! The crazy thing is that I was considering postponing to baptize him before he had asked me, and before he accepted God's forgiveness and grace in his life. We met up one night, shared life stories, hearts ached together, we ate together, and I prayed for him. I had the immense honor to share the way to know Jesus and what His life and resurrection offer the forgiveness, rescue from sin and spiritual death, and trust in Jesus to save gives us adoption into God's family. It was evident God was working in his life, and over the weeks as I prayed for him I knew he was soon to believe! I would pray and he would call or text me and we would talk about the gospel, I clearly knew he was going to follow Christ and be baptized on April 12th, so when He told me I was overjoyed by God's goodness!

That is one story of so very many. God is good and I am humble before the Lord that He uses me. Grace allows me to walk in the purpose God has created me for. I will walk boldly with Jesus and His love as my identity and voice. I look forward to all the ways God will use me and I hold on to the daily miracles He is doing! Yahweh you are good, Abba you are good, Yeshua you are good, Holy Spirit be with me and all those near and dear to my heart, be with all who read this and all who seek You. Be with all who need You Lord whether they know it or not.

WOOHOO God is working! Its almost time to leave, people have been so loving and kind to give so much already! I cant wait to see how God provides and how he uses me and you!