Reality is most certainly setting in. In all my preparations for this journey I have had so many experiences with God's goodness already. It has been a journey in of itself preparing. The reality is that in less than two weeks I will embark on an adventure! An adventure I am set apart for by God to take. I know this is true by the miracles He has done to change my heart, prepare my mind and strengthen my soul. I know this is His will by the evidence of lives changed around me at home now and the peace and power of obedience in love.

     Obedience is an easy task with faith and impossible task without faith. The Lord Jesus is teaching me that His grace, His character, and His unchanging love must be seen and experienced more by the revelation of truth that seeps deep into the mind and heart. These truths are what enable me to experience the power of faith more. To receive love and grace is essential in giving love and grace. To experience the power of God, I must take that first step in faith and obey. After the first step, keeping my eyes on Jesus and off myself help me take another step. Then the reality that His burden is light and to obey is mu good sets in. Then I am humbled in gratitude by the fact that God loves me enough to ask me to obey in things He knows are for my good, yet I had no clue.

     The reality is that Yahweh does everything for our good. Every trial, failure, triumph has been for my good. The lessons God teaches can only be comprehended in a place of reality. Reality says that Jesus is Lord, that He is all powerful to forgive sins and that as children of God we are designed to do good works. A disconnect from reality is the struggle to form mans own form of spirituality and religion. This deception in my life has caused me to attempt the appearance of perfection in myself and others. To hide in guilt at the inability to please God with my efforts and share this guilt with others. Thank the good Lord that He is a good teacher and is faithful to bring me to reality where growth and grace flourish. God is so powerful, He has used me despite my mistakes big and small, even better, He has used me more through my brokenness! To know without a doubt that I have failed and will fail on my own is beautiful. To know without a doubt that I can never fail with Christ is all the more beautiful. The reality is that the Holy Spirit is more powerful than anything imaginable. I have but tasted the goodness and power of God and it is totally overwhelming. Not I but Christ! We are made to do good works, not carefully construct our identity by what we have done for and against God. It is a lie to pursue the self appointed title of perfection and the pride that swells in us after believing that lie. The Truth is that by Jesus death and resurrection we are made perfect, and enabled by His Spirit to do great things. I desire to stay in the place of grace where my sin is remembered no more by God. I desire to remain under Jesus light burden of responsibility. I desire to grow and learn. I desire His radical love and power in and through my life. I desire the presence of God. Only in a place of truth, a place where I have accepted the reality of How massively big God's love and grace are, only in that place can He give me the desires of my heart.

     Reality is setting in, I have needs. I am in need of more money, more time, more faith. The truth is that God knows every need I have and He will provide for every need I have. He is so good He will even supply me with things I don't even know I was in need of. To the deepest depths of my soul the Lord reaches and is good to me! I know this, I will not be shaken from my mission or from the reality of His provision. My trust is rooted firmly in Jesus Christ, my King. Knowing these truths brings me to a place of thankfulness. God is good, God is good, God is good! He takes the dirt and makes a mansion, He pierces darkness, finds the lost, feeds the hungry, clothes the poor, wrecks and redeems the soul of a man. God is truly good. The reality setting in of the many unfinished things and unknowns can not be fearful. The reality is that God has got this, Jesus is good and I am following Him, lead the way Lord!

Me and God's conversation goes something kind of like this. I mean I am "Going on an ADVENTURE!"

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