Coach Stephen Anguma

"On the Elgon Wolves team, we have players who were drug addicts and in abusive family situations. Through knowing Christ & keeping into rugby much as still battling with the problem, positive change is being realised in them. Much work is still required most especially prayers to continue with the rehabilitation process. 
The Elon Wolves Youth Rugby Club is involved with teaching rugby to vulnerable kids in communities & have greatly impacted in their lives.

Jonathan's fellowship with the church & team, coaching & words of encouragement to the team  was a blessing & to me we are a family & shall always be."



"Chennai street ministry. That is my first meet up with Jonathan. The next thing was being with homeless children, we all there that day was a very nice day. That was a blessed day. We played cricket and some more games. Jonathan taught us at the church how to tell our story. That days are memorable days."


Pastor ALlan Taffin izimba

"Jonathan has been a great blessing in my life and our ministry. He is been Such an encouragement not just on the Church stage but also in daily life. He has taught about the grace of God not just theoretically but practically. I have not met so many ministers whose ministry life and daily life are well balanced like my brother Jonathan. We thank God for you and your ministry (reflection of grace) not only for ministering to our spiritual needs but also for having a heart to help young people in our ministry to have decent education. I am thankful for the ministry educational books and his visiting us in love"


DRitan Zmali

"I don't really how to start it but I thank God for my brother Jonathan who came to meet me in Albania for the first time in 2015, and in a hard time that I was going through last summer. I got blessed by him cause we took time to have fellowship together and pray and discuss for the deep things of God for our lives . Jonathan blessed me not only with his presence and his readiness to come and meet me but he shared with me his money too and gave me a good financial help which I really needed for that hour to continue serving God . I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for meeting Jonathan and sharing the life of Christ together .  I am looking forward to meet him again with joy."